Why Reciprocity Is The Key To Building Deep Customer Relationships

May 13, 2015

So what is reciprocity? And why is it so important if you want to run a successful business? Find out in today's audio blog by Emerson Patton.


How To Successfully Be A Disorganised Multi-Tasker

May 12, 2015

A fantastic article written by the lovely (and naturally disorganised) Sarah Marsh Collings.

There’s a saying that’s come to my attention recently – a woman’s brain is like a web browser with a hundred pages open at the same time. I identified with it immediately. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

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Mobile Friendly Website - What You Need To Know About The New Google Changes

May 6, 2015

Mobile web usage is not just growing it is exploding! This blog, outlines reasons why you should invest in providing a mobile experience to your visitors.

I also have a cool tool to share with you today. 

Supercharge Your Web Conversions With This Years Hottest Digital Marketing Strategy

April 30, 2015

Research by Marketing Sherpa shows that 90-98% of visitors don’t take action on their first visit and that 49% of people need to visit you 2-4 times before doing business with you.

So what if there was a way to track people who visit your site but don’t take your desired action and ensure that they see your ads multiple times as they surf the web.

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Up close and Personal

April 27, 2015

In today’s electronic age, do physical trade shows still merit considering as a marketing tool?

Julia also shares two tools to help with collecting data at trade shows or networking events. 

Five Tips For Designing Your Business Brand

April 21, 2015
There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the word “brand”. We think it simply refers to a company name, tagline, and logo. But a brand is so much more.

As entrepreneurs, we get caught up in the tactics of marketing and selling, that we forgot about the real reason our business exists. Our message gets diluted by all the fancy tricks, strategies, and hacks, that for our customers, the message gets blurry.

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The Art Of Letting Go…

April 13, 2015

When I was given my first Director level position I was also given a PA. I thought that was pretty cool until one day she asked me if she could have a word. Yes of course, I said, what can I do for you? I was taken aback when she said: “You are making my job impossible!”

Alan Hester talks about the art of letting go. 

I also have a cool tool to share with you which is a Wordpress plugin to help do simple columns. 

Real Video, Real People, Real Message – Putting Your Business On Film

April 8, 2015

You have probably seen all the statistics about how important video is to your business. There is certainly no denying that if you have a video on your landing page there is a good chance people will click it. It is also true that the majority of your new customers are likely to visit your home page and watch your video before they contact you in any other way. Your existing clients probably also frequently visit your website, Facebook page etc and will see your video there. Video can also be a big boost in relation to how high up the page you appear on a Google search. I could continue to provide evidence of why you need video but I think the message it pretty clear. 

Tool of the day is the equipment that Julia uses for making videos from home. 

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How Elephants Self-Publish

April 2, 2015

Have you ever had any kind of desire to write a book? If you are a small business, have you ever been told that it would be advantageous to have written a book? And if the answer is yes to either of the previous questions, have you ever felt daunted by the prospect of writing a book? And I guess that my final question is, would you be interested in listening to somebody who has been in your position, but managed to do it, to write that book?

Julia also talks about a focus tool in today's "tool of the day"

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Are You Scared of Sales?

March 31, 2015

What I wanted to achieve with this blog, was to show you that “sales” and “selling” does not need to be something to fear, but can be something that you can enjoy, honestly, cross my heart and hope to die!!!

I also cover the new tool called Meerkat..

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